roxas's blog!

welcome to my blog! my little online diary of sorts. usually stuff that's better put on here instead of tweeting it. not updated every day but i'll try!

july 29th, 2020

it's been a while (again!) not much has happened between blog posts lol. i did fix my imac g4 though (drive died, was an absolute pain to get to the drive inside but it works! i still need to get a new screen for it though) here's a pic of it running puyo puyo sun via connectix virtual game station on os 9.2.2. in other news, i go by roxas now! i just connect with the name a lot more tbh. i've also been thinking about giving this site a makeover? i feel like in my goal to make this site look old, i made it a giant mess both visually and code wise, so i might rewrite it

june 30th, 2020

hey! i'm doing a flipnote reanimated project! i'd really appreciate if y'all checked it out! here

june 19th, 2020

i got an imac g4! saw one for a steal (66 dollars including shipping) so i bought it! it is definitely not in the best condition but it works fine and for the price i got it at i can't complain much

may 26th 2020

so, the robosapien arrived! except it was actually a rsv2 mini because i somehow didn't notice the screw plates on the side of it's feet and the fact that it doesn't have wires connecting to its arms. i feel like a fool otherwise, i got video games! goodwills closed so im just buying random cheap games off ebay

may 22nd 2020

hi i got $150 in graduation money and bought something on impulse. a robosapien v2! i've always wanted one for YEARS and this was an amazing price! (these things usually go for $80-$130+ working, sometimes even for that much when they arent working) it doesn't have a remote sadly and more concerningly, isn't rewired to my knowledge, so i gotta be extra careful with it (pretty much every model besides the inverted white/black v2s and sometimes UK v2s have awfully insulated wiring in them)

may 17th 2020

hey! its been a while, i've been uploading a ton of stuff to youtube (between the puyo fever prototype music, and various dreamcast gameplay like pso on sylverant) i'd really appreciate it if you gave it a sub! my channel

april 27th 2020

i've spent the last 2 days trying to port puyo pop fever remix to the dreamcast version of the game and to say its been a nightmare has been an understatement! literally everything else works but the second i try to edit the endings in the game the game goes crazy, at this point im half tempted to just release the mod as is with the original endings

april 22nd 2020

oops i havent updated this in a while huh. hi! i'm nonbinary now because gender is a mess. nothing besides that has really happened, i bought a new IDE HDD for my og xbox to be able to store more games but other than that nothing has happened lol

april 4th 2020

first april entry babey!!! because i forgot to make one. anyway i finally got the laptop on the 2nd! everything works perfectly (the battery in the laptop seems to hold a bit of a charge too!) installed windows 98 se flawlessly from DVD but had a CD to install the drivers (i originally thought the drive was a DVD only drive since it only had a dvd logo, but it can read CDs! just cant boot from them apparently) give me recommendations for games i should throw on here!

march 30th 2020

god it's been march for. Ages. that felt like a whole damn year. anyway! i finally bought myself a windows 98 computer (technically it comes with XP but it has official drivers for 98 and ME) it's a dell latitude c610! heard its really good for w98 gaming and i got it for a decent price, around 30 dollars for the laptop + shipping and 23 for a hard drive and ac adapter, it's coming around april 2nd im super excited for it

march 25th 2020

i spent like. my entire day playing animal crossing lol this game is RAD. i previously only played a bit of new leaf (only bc an old friend had it) and a few hours of city folk (wanted to try wiimmfi, didn't get too far bc i didnt have a nunchuck and controlling the game with my arm up the whole time was painful) if you wanna add me and visit my island my fc is here! pls dm me on twitter or some other platform if you do add me though!

march 24th 2020

i have. no clue how to get to my online classes. but all is well because i have animal crossing. okay, that's all the time i got. i gotta get back to playing animal crossing new horizons on my nintendo switch

march 23rd 2020

my head hurts! a lot! also quarantined until may 15th. for almost 2 whole months. and i also have online classes which i have no idea how to access. i think i just need to rest lol

march 22nd 2020 (9:22pm)

we're under quarantine now! woohoo great i also have online classes starting tomorrow. i can't wait until this is over

march 22nd 2020

added the game console section to my site now! give it a look! i'm really liking how this site is coming now that its more than just an about me page for my twitter account. i honestly love seeing other people's neocities sites, seeing all these people make their own personal sites makes me so happy!! i should've jumped onto neocities sooner lol. also i need to make a new index page pic welcoming people since this site isn't entirely phantasy star online based anymore

march 21st 2020

woah! i have a blog/online diary/whatever you wanna call these! neat! i did nothing of interest besides finding the pocket pc 2002 upgrade for my compaq ipaq and messing around on that for a bit, i just hope i can find a replacement battery or a newer (preferably running pocket pc 2002/windows mobile 2003) PDA that has a good battery.