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welcome to my blog! i update this on rare occasions when i have things to talk about!

december 7th 2020

im not good at updating this. BUT HI i finally got myself a relatively good computer (MSI GS66 Stealth) !!!

december 7th 2020

i forgot to put it in my previous entry but i got an imac g3! it's a slot loading graphite 400mhz model with upgraded ram and hard drive! (used to be 1gb of ram but one of the 512mb sticks didnt work so its running with 512mb now) and an 80 gb HDD! sadly the slot loader eject mechanism is slightly broken and its really hard to get discs out :( (wonderful art by TheHat_Guy go check them out!)

december 6th 2020

its been a while since ive updated my site majorly at all but. hi

ive been working on something! most of kingdom hearts: chain of memories tracks uploaded online all have the signature gba fuzz and such and i thought i'd be fun to remake the tracks with the original samples so they arent all fuzzy and compressed! heres a couple of previews

Dearly Beloved COM

Hand in Hand

The Fight for my Friends

Namine's Theme

october 10th 2020